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ENGE1114 — Exploration of Engineering Design
    ENGE1114 Classroom
The second in the first-year series of introductory engineering courses, ENGE1114 introduces students to the engineering design process.  Course content is delivered in three modules (design process, computer programming, graphics communication) which are connected through a semester-long design project.  In addition to the weekly large group meeting, weekly workshops provide opportunities for learning through hands-on activities. The design project, ROXIE (“Real Outreach eXperiences In Engineering”), tasks student teams to serve as design consultants for non-profit community organizations.
ME2024 — Engineering Design and Economics
    ME2024 Classroom
Students gain hands-on experience with product design and development in this course.  Students learn the process of engineering design and concepts of engineering economics through in-class activities and a semester-long design project.  Students are also introduced to concepts such as design for manufacturing, product architecture, quality functional deployment, and engineering ethics.  The design project tasks student teams with the design of a novel consumer product.  The project results in a design report, final presentation, and a CAD model of the product.  The CAD model deemed best by peer-review is created by the rapid prototyping machines located in the DREAMS Lab.
ME4015/4016 - Senior Design

More info to come...

ME4644/5644 — Additive Manufacturing
    Additive manufacturing class in the PACE computer lab

Participants study topics fundamental to additive manufacturing, including the generation of suitable CAD models, current additive manufacturing technologies, their underlying material science, the use of secondary processing, and the impact of these technologies on society. The use of additive manufacturing processes is illustrated by the actual design and fabrication of at least one part.